OverPlay VPN Review

In order to find a reliable anonymous proxy server, you need to consider the anonymity and security that the service offers. OverPlay VPN has 12,000 IP addresses, which is much more than other proxy services. It also offers multiple types of virtual private network (VPN) connections to its 100 servers. The encryption provides you with a secure way to transmit your data without sacrificing too much speed. We were frustrated with our customer service experience, but overall, the service did a good job of enabling us to surf anonymously.

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OverPlay VPN has about 120 IP addresses from each of the 100 servers. Total, this makes about 12,000 servers. The servers are in 62 locations around the world.

When you connect to the OverPlay servers, you’ll use a VPN connection. You can choose which VPN connection you want to use, OpenVPN, PPTP or L2PT. Among these options, OpenVPN is the best because it does the best job at providing you security and stability.

The data encryption through OverPlay VPN is 128-bit. This isn’t the highest level of encryption available, but it’s still a safe option. Additionally, the more encrypted data is, the longer it takes to move from one location to another. The 128-bit encryption may be a good fit for you because it will send secure information but not bog down your speed too much. OverPlay VPN uses an SSL connection, which we were disappointed about. We would have liked to see it use TLS because it’s a newer, more improved connection.

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You can use this service on more than one electronic device at a time as long as the devices are in the same location, such as at your house. You can also use it on more than just computers, which is essential since most people access the internet on their Android and Apple devices.


This proxy browser was one of the easiest to install since it automatically installs itself. In addition to this, you can find installation instructions on the OverPlay VPN website. It’s easy to identify when you’re connected to a server.

Help & Support

This proxy service has email tech support and live chat; however, the tech support was frustrating to deal with. After we emailed a question, we received an email that contained a link to the tech support portal where we could read the response. The only problem was that it wanted us to log in. We didn’t have a username or password yet. We asked the chat support how to access the responses. The OverPlay VPN chat tech representative was unable to answer our question and instead sent an email request. When we received the email, there was a link to the support portal. In order to learn how to create a username and password, we’d need to log in.

OverPlay VPN comes with a 48-hour money back guarantee. This is a lot shorter than many of the other proxy services we reviewed. Forty-eight hours is hardly enough time to determine whether the service is going to meet your needs.

The installation instructions are online. The website for this service also has a FAQs page and a blog. OverPlay VPN doesn’t have any user forums though.


OverPlay VPN is an easy-to-install application that will effectively hide your IP address and encrypt your data. The tech support was not helpful, but the online resources on OverPlay’s website were. With this web proxy, you can confidently browse online.

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